Friday, April 18, 2008

Riding weather finally HERE!

Today is so nice out, FINALLY! The temperature while I am writing this is 75! I think especially being a Friday, a lot of people suddenly came down with a "sickness" and couldn't go to work. There have been bikes stopping here all day. I am a little jealous that I can't be out riding my bike but hey hopefully there will be many more warm days!

My mom and I took the dogs outside in the field with a ball. Zipp chased the ball, Cheech chased Zipp and Lou chased Cheech! It was funny to see all three dogs panting from running around like crazy! Zipp was doing jumps and spins trying to get the ball.
If you are going out riding today, be careful, and have fun!


Anonymous said...


I rode the Blue Bike to work today, just to show off. In a sea of black Harleys, it sure stood out. I guess I'm just too cool for school.


J. Perewitz said...

That's awesome! I am sure your bike would stand out no matter what it was among! I wish I rode my bike but it is already at work...
Have a good weekend

Andrea said...


You and your mom have the absolutely most awesome dogs on the planet! I've only met Zipp, but he is such a character I'm sure the others are adorable too. I'm glad you're finally getting into some riding weather. You guys take care and thanks for all of your support with TheBeachCruiser!

Andrea and Peter

Anonymous said...

Had the orange bike out yesterday and today. The usual smiles and thumbs up...and I'm talking about other least for the thumbs up.

Jay, AKA "Dirti", leaned out the motor and my MPG went from 25 to 40! Wow...and that was with me getting into the throttle a bit. I really don't worry about fuel milage, but tank range is important since it's a haul to get anywhere from where I live. No more worrys.


Donna T. said...

Sounds like Thug and Streets are making the most of the good weather that has finally arrived! Cool!

Zipp is just the best acrobat. :)