Friday, June 20, 2008


I guess have been slacking on the blog this past week. Sorry, I have personally been really busy with a big investment ;-) . I am going to give you lots of content and news today!

We had a Women's Riding Essential class last night that was awesome! I will write about that in another post. We had our first Bike Night for 2008 on Wednesday night, and we got some new t-shirts in and Big Ron has been working on the final stages of Ruben Brown's sidecar bike, AND Dirti is growing a fro!
Honestly I don't have any picture from Bike Night yet but when I do I will post them! It was a slow night but still a good crowd! Thanks to all that came!

The new shirts, designed by Jeff, in men's. They come in black and white with the "true school to new school" on the bottom back.
The girls T's with bright pink and lime green. They are very cool and young. You can purchase one on our website,!

Ruben's sidecar bike. This is going to be a cool ride although Ruben will probably make it look like a toy!

Big Ron going for a ride!

I think Dirti is trying to be Billy Ray Cyrus!

I think he should grow a mullet!

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Donna T. said...

That side car is COOL!