Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our Live Sturgis Reporter! Thug

Day 1: July 29

Your intrepid and dauntless Sturgis reporter is about to embark on the annual pilgrimage: riding from upstate NY to the hallowed grounds that are western South Dakota.

Ive gone there a few different ways: riding the entire distance, trailered, and flown/ shipped.
This year, its time to return to the roots sort of. You see, My Perewtz face-lifted 2008 Road Glide is being shipped, but I, having chosen to being True to your school (thanks to Brian Wilson), have decided to ride there on my BMW touring bike (purists exit here) since I dont want my prize ride trashed by the weather between here and Sturgis. No RUB herejust the facts.

The BMW has been my mudder for a number of years. I dont care much about how it looks in fact, I dont ever remember washing it but I have taken it 4500 miles in 5 days once and it held up, along with my back and my fat a**, I've mounted a GPS, radar detector, and CB on it, so I'm ready to lay down some serious miles.

Actually, as I write this, I am V-Twin-less, with the Orange Bike on loan to a museum, and the Bobbah on the DL with a motor problem. I rode my Road King 1400 miles straight earlier in my biking life, but were talking about a factory paint job versus a Perewtiz custom job. The price notwithstanding, who want to trash a great paint job thanks to the Midwest summer weather and the inevitable road construction?

I am offaround 6 pm hoping to get past Cleveland on day one. The plan is to make it to Sioux City, IA on day two, then on to the Spearfish Holiday Inn by Friday night. Kory and Joe, hauling the trailer, should be there by Friday, too. The radar looks ugly right now-a lot of nasty weather between me and my day one objective, but well see how it goes.

See you on the road.

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