Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Streets son Mark!


My son Mark just got back from the Middle East. He brought back a few more pictures of "The Shirt" in action on the ground and in the air over the skies of the Afghanistan / Pakistan border. I'll bet no other motorcycle builder can claim that they've "Flown the Colors" in that part of the world. Fell free to post on you blog if you need content.


P.S. That's him on the right holding up "The Shirt"


Doug R said...

That's about as cool as cool gets.

Welcome home, Mark!


Anonymous said...

It's "Feel" free..and "your" in my e-mail to Jody. I need SpellChecker.

We're all proud of you, Mark.

Papa Streets

Anonymous said...

Mark and Company, Thank you for all you do! Streets, you should be very proud! Much Respect, Sara Liberte

Anonymous said...

Those are very cool photos, Streets. Thanks for sharing!

Mark - thank you. Doesn't seem to be enough...but meant from the heart. And, yes, WELCOME HOME!

Happy New Year to all.
-- Donna Tocci

Doug R said...

How about getting the pic blown up, printed and signed by the flight crew????