Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Perewitz Tail Light

Broome Community College Students design and build a custom motorcycle tail light for Perewitz Cycle Fabrication

Electrical Engineering Technology students from Broome Community College in Binghamton, New York have been working with Perewitz Cycle Fabrication on several design projects. The latest project is a custom LED tail light. The tail light was a collaborative project between Perewitz Cycle Fabrication, Broome Community College, and Eckcraft Metal Arts.

We even managed to get Dave to meet with the class once a week via teleconference equipment over the internet. The students came up with several tail light designs and presented them to Dave. The final design was hashed out during the teleconference sessions. This was a great experience for everyone involved.

The metal housing was machined at Eckcraft Metal Arts in Binghamton, NY. The custom electronic assembly was designed and built by the EET students as part of their Senior Design Project. We look forward to doing more projects with Perewitz Cycle Fabrication in the future.

Gary & Don at BCC


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Doug R said...

BCCC is right near Streets!


Doug R said...

Just a thought....

If BCCC would like to see some Perewitz iron "up close and personal", let us know.

Streets and Thug will be there.

Thug (speaking for brother Streets)

Anonymous said...

Serious props go out to the electrical engineering students at BCCC. Very often the kids at BCCC are dissed by the students on the other side of town at Binghamton University. Thanks to the Perewitz crew for giving BCCC something to brag about.


Doug R said...

Wow...a minute apart...and Thug is in FL and Streets in in NY....

Thug is a product of the New York Community College program.