Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Women's Riding Essentials In San Fran

Nicole Roesch and I met in San Francisco last week to do a Kryptonite sponsored Women's Riding Essential Class. San Fran is definitely different than the east coast! People, clothing, weather, everything! I had never been to San Fran so it was cool to see Northern Cal. A great city and great people!

We took a cab to Scuderia West where we had a fun evening. The dealership was very unique in a sense that it was an older building but every space seemed to have a useful purpose. They sold Aprilla, Victory, KTM, and some used bikes. The staff couldn't have been nicer.

Once the class got started we learned that there is a ton of women riders in California! I guess with gas at $5 a gallon in CA you look for alternative modes of transportation. There is a large scooter population too, many business women ride scooters to work not just because of gas but parking. There is very few places to park in San Fran. As in most major city's parking is tough to come by.

We went over lots of basics on riding, proper gear, safety and protection for your bike. I have a bright pink Icon jacket which I think is wicked cool and everywhere I go other girls think it's really cool except San Fran! The girls liked the jacket but wanted to know if it came in black! Which it does!
I guess they aren't into bright color's in the Bay Area. I suppose a Perewitz custom would stick out! Nicole and I both learned a lot from the women of Scuderia as I hope they learned from us! It was another great Kryptonite Women's Riding Essential Class!

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