Friday, July 18, 2008

Bike Night Extravaganza!

Wednesday night was our July Bike Night. It was pack with bikes and people. It was a nice hot summer night, great for riding, and the crowd couldn't have been better.

We had some awesome burnouts! One right after another, ego's were flying! Everyone that did a burnout got a Kryptonite lock and a few got Kory to change their tire! The smoke just filled the air and the smell of rubber is still outside 2 days later. The bikes filled the front parking lot before 7 and by 7:30 the back was filled and people were scrounching for spots, fortunately a bike can fit in many places! Steve Leahy was here creating skin art, tattoos that is! I would say the coolest one I saw was on MacKay Keegan! He got eye's on the back of his neck! He's watching you!

After the burnouts I went on the roof and threw some prizes from various venders to the crowd. We had on display Ruben Brown's sidecar bike, the "Ghetto Taxi" and a Suzuki Hayabusa we recently did a face lift on, out on the sidewalk on display along with many other Perewitz customs.

It was a great night had by all. And the food must have been good because we sold out of burgers and have very few hotdogs left! It must have been Kory's good cooking!


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Mr. Motorcycle said...


I love Burnouts, burnout contests, and the the awsome pictures you shared.

So good, I can almost smell the testosterone, I mean burnt rubber.