Monday, October 5, 2009

The "Witchita" Project

The week before last Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz were in Bridgewater filming for a new movie. They used one of the many corn fields in B'water as there set of a plane crash. They brought in a 727 plane to use and supposedly the owner of the field bought the plane so it will be a landmark! I am working on getting into the field to take some pictures so when I do I will share them. Or they may even make it into our 2010 Calendar!
Anyway of course we called a bunch of people to try to get Tom Cruise to stop by the shop but unfortunately we were unsuccessful. We had heard that him and Cameron were getting flown in by helicopter and flown out. So on Thursday We heard the helicopters (the set is only about 1/2 mile from here) fly over. Then on Friday we heard them again and ran outside. Sure enough it was the same BIG helicopter. So Jeff assuming it was Tom Cruise goes out in the parking lot and moons the helicopter!!! They definitely saw him! The helicopter was low and flew directly beside the store!
We were cracking up because later we found out that it wasn't infact Tom Cruise who arrived in an Escalade, it was Cameron Diaz! Way to go Jeff!
Later that night they "blew up" the plane. Check out the video below. My mom said she almost fell out of bed when it went off at 5 am. To bad I didn't still live in B'water!
Oh and something I forgot to mention, Jeff had an old school 70's helmet on too! Can you imagine what they thought!!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Jeff!!!!LMAO!

Anonymous said...

thanks for mentioning me in ur blog Jody.....but I think everyone wants to see a pic of Jeff in helmet mooning the 'copter. mom

Anonymous said...

Was that a shot of a plane exploding, or Dirti after a couple of chili dogs?


bob z said...

not sure about a picture of jeffs ass, but interested if cameron mooned them from the chopper..