Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 - Year in Review

I can hear my dad in June, when Kory and I were buying our house, I was nervous as most new homeowners are about money. He said, "hey look at it this way most likely you won't go down in pay only up!" I am going to work as hard as I can to make sure that is true for 2009.

These happenings are in no particular order just as I think of it... So the year in review. We had a lot of major things happen and a lot of things we made happen! We have elected a new president that with all hope, will turn the economy around before it does more damage. But looking back we had a lot of good, fun things happen in 2008 and we intend to make 2009 even better! Take a look below!


The Perewitz crew attended 49 events throughout the year! That's a lot of traveling. I know you are thinking that is every weekend but some weekends we had 2 events so not quite every weekend. But there's no place like home!
Our dually and trailer has traveled over 80,000 miles in one year! That's 3.3 times around the world!

Kory, Dirti and the guys at the shop built the first Perewitz custom street bike. Kory modified a Suzuki Hayabusa. It got a TON of attention! No one said we do just American! With sport bikes getting more and more popular I see a few more of these in the future. But don't worry we will always build our traditional low lean customs.

In March, Thug and Streets became official members of the Perewitz Crew, thus beginning Thug & Streets Most Excellent Adventures!

Ruben Browns Sidecar bike finally got finished. It was definitely an experience riding in a sidecar. Hopefully you saw the tree wheeled machine it at our June Bike Night! It has an awesome custom sound system in the sidecar, installed by Detailz in Canton, MA.

We had 4 extremely successful summer Bike Nights. We love our Bike Nights as much as everyone else does and hopefully we can continue to have them for years to come. Thank you to everyone that attended our nights and for your support!

Kory displayed his custom motorcycle with Wild Turkey (and all the girls) at ALL the major rallies. Be sure to get your free sample of bourbon in Daytona 2009 and check out Kory's bike.

A Chevy SS Truck got flamed out for a customer! They loved the paint job. Definitely the hottest truck around, no pun intended.

In Sturgis I recieved the "Fearless Leader and One Cool Chick" award from the Top 50 lot. I was extremely excited to recieve it. I mean I knew I was cool but didn't think anyone else did :-0

Dave wrote a paint book with Tim Remus, Advanced Custom Motorcycle Painting. Some great tips in there and some wicked flames!

The shop has built numerous "old" bikes including a 50 & 60 panhead, a 66 Shovel, 37 Flathead and more in the works.

My dad built a new "scoot". A 60's Vespa! We completely restored it and gave it a Perewitz Paint job. It came out really cool. He displayed it at the SEMA show.

In September we rescued 3 puppies from a shelter in Puerto Rico. They all arrived during a bike night so it was a little hectic. We were able to find 2 EXCELLENT homes for 2 of them but the 3rd just fit in at Perewitz. So I decided to adopt her, Giselle! As the organization says "She hit the jack pot!"
Oh ya and Giselle, Lou and Cheech finally have their own yard. Kory and I bought a beautiful house in June!

Ah what a year! As time, people, and the economy changes we must adapt to the current status. In 2009 we are going to do whatever we need to, to continue to make things happen and have a wicked good 2009!
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Anonymous said...


We've all heard the statement "Tough times never last, but tough people do". That certainly applies to just about everybody I know as we experienced the pain, financial and otherwise, in 2008. Ya' just gotta gut it out I guess. Like many people, I agonized over my job situation,having a son and two nephews in harm's way in the Middle East, etc. But when things looked the darkest I remembered my "Most Excellent Adventures" in 2008 and just had to smile. The cool people I met..Donna, Domenic, Tina, Paulie B, Michelle, Arlen Ness, and many others put a positive spin on what was otherwise a lousy year.

Sorry for clogging the blog. Thanks for listening (I feel so much better now). And here's to 2009!!!


Anonymous said...

Please add Sara L. to the cool people list above.


J. Perewitz said...

I like your quote Streets! Tough times never last but tough people do! Good one!

Anonymous said...

Jody - what a great year it was. I can't believe we are already two weeks into the new one. 49 events on the road? Then the ones you put! Busy team.

I hope that 2009 brings only good things for everyone at Team Perewitz.

Streets - thank you, my friend. I'm honored that I was able to share in one of the "Most Excellent Adventures" this year on the Cape. May our paths cross many times in '09.