Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Street's and Thug's DNA

By Thug
Here’s a pic of our father, Keith, on his 1937 BSA M22. He bought it after returning to Canada after WWII. A 500cc single with a 4 speed tranny. It was BSA’s sports model at the time.

At one point, there was as sidehack, but it was stolen. Our mother and father used it as transportation until Streets was in the oven.

Streets remembers getting a ride at about age 3. I only remember it around our houses. The piston seized somewhere along the line. Our father decided to paint it, but never got it running. In 1971, he gave it to a friend of ours with the instructions “Don’t sell it and don’t chop it”.

My friend got it started, but never put it on the road. Sometime during the last 37 years, or so, he took it apart.

I made contact with him a few years ago and told him that I wanted to buy it back, but he wasn’t interested. Earlier this year, I called again and he reconsidered. I was able to buy all the parts he had this Spring. I’d like to put it back together in its original form, but what a project!

BSA had no manual and I am having a very difficult time figuring out what exactly it’s supposed to look like. It’s missing handlebars and the innards for the front brake, but I think I have the rest.

The Perewitz crew has offered help with sandblasting, painting, and rechroming.

With a little luck, sometime in 2009, Streets can give our mother another ride on it. She’s 87. Don’t tell her…it’s a surprise.

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Anonymous said...

Seeing this bike on the road again would be like watching the Titanic float again. But I think it can be done. Stay tuned.