Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Motorcycle Scam #2

We recently got hit with a scam!
We received a call from a relay service, someone who is deaf or hard of hearing. We have a really nice customer, Pete, that calls through a relay service so I am very familiar with how they work. This person used an Internet service so it is completely untraceable. Our call was from a male wanting to buy a motorcycle. This is how it went.

caller: how much for motorcycle?
Jody: $20-65,000.
Caller: I want a custom chopper.
Sure we have one for $45,000.
ok I want to buy it!
(what!! who buys a $45,000 motorcycle over the phone?!)
Where are you from and do you want to come see it?
Long Beach CA and I will send my son and shipper out to get it. Can I put a $2,000 deposit on my credit card?
(Ok that is 3,000 miles away!)
I'm sorry but we usually take $5,000 deposit on a large sale like that.
OK, Can you do me a favor? Charge my card for the shipping and then you pay the shipper?

So this call went on for over 45 minutes! I didn't come out and say we wouldn't take the credit card but he was ignoring the fact that I didn't want to take credit.

It was extremely tough talking to this person. I figured the call was fishy right from the start. I mean who does business like this?! I figured I would give them the benefit of the doubt and deal with them. I asked him lots of questions that mainly got short answers. He was a disabled veteran that just got a lot of money. Also the address that he sent me was not found on mapquest! He called every hour telling me he wanted to make the "deal real" and charge the card.

These calls and e-mails went on for 2 days until I finally said the key words!!

"No we will not take any credit cards and will not pay your shipper for you!!!"

That was it the call ended and not more contact.

See the scam is that you run a stolen credit card and then pay the "shipper" with your funds and then that credit card company calls you and says the card was no good after you have already paid the "shipper"!

The things people will do now for a $. Please be aware, I am sure this isn't the only one out there, especially in a tough economy!


Anonymous said...

Caveat Venditor.


Mr. Motorcycle said...

Good that you were on your toes. It takes all kinds.

Anonymous said...

Jod you always get the weirdo's tryin' to scam you, go get 'em!! ~Sara

hobie said...

Had the exact same thing happen when selling a guitar last week on craigs list.

J. Perewitz said...

You have to watch out for scams! They are always thinking of new things!

Anonymous said...

Word for the wise. Only have buyers of such large items direct deposit funds into you business checking account. No checks....No charges. They can't take direct deposits back and in a matter of a couple days you will find out if they are "THE REAL DEAL". SP