Friday, January 16, 2009

Wilmington KevMarv Show

Last weekend Kory, Matt (Kory's other brother) and I went to a show a KevMarv Show in Wilmington, MA. On Saturday the show was pretty busy. This was the first show I have done in 2009 so I was curious to see what the turn out would be. I was impressed. Wilmington is one of KevMarv smaller shows so I didn't know how many people there would be. The crowds were coming through the doors and people were actually buying things too! Of course it isn't like it was 2-3 years ago when we couldn't take money fast enough but to just have some good sales was awesome. Especially at a small show and a first for 2009.

Even better than the sales was chit chatting with people. The show was only about an hour from home so close enough that people could live near us. We let tons of people know that we don't just do custom bikes, we have a full service dept. and parts dept. Also we told people about our infamous Bike Nights! Ahhh I can't wait till summer!

So in the long run hopefully the sales for that show will continue to climb throuhgout the year, it doesn't just stop when the weekend is over!

Next weekend Jan. 24-25 we will be in Salem NH for another KevMarv Production! See ya there!

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