Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Customer Service

By Thug Robinson

Great customer service from Dakota Digital:

Earlier this year, the "Baggah", a 2008 HD Road Glide, got a Perewitz "face lift".We added a full set of Dakota Digital blue gauges that replaced the HD stockers.

Very cool. Stock sucks...or at least could benefit from an alternative.

Anyway...in Sturgis, the oil temperature gauge lost an "element" which makes a digital gauge (for example an 8 looks like a 6) hard to determine the proper reading.

Bummed, I got the bike back and took it to FL. I decided to call Digital, worried that the time elapsed would negate any warranty. Plus, I don't like any parts of my bikes not perfect (obsessive that way, I guess).

Anyway, I called Digital and they sent a replacement straight away. They wanted the offending gauge returned and sent a UPS return label. I replaced the defective unit and send it back. My cost: my time replacing the gauge.

It was very cool that they did not want "proof" that my gauge wasn't working before they sent a replacement.

The "Baggah" is perfect again to make its appearance at Bike Week, 2010.Kudos to Dakota Digital!


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