Monday, November 2, 2009

Cycle Source Year in Review

I just happen to come across this... Check it out and vote!!!
Make sure to check off Jody Perewitz!


Anonymous said...

Check, rock girl.
Love, MUM :-)

Doug R said...


I stumbled voting for the "biker babe"....shut my eyes and picked one.

I had to or my vote for you wouldn't register.

Hope you win! If you do, don't forget all the "little people" you knew on the way up.


Anonymous said...

What.....Thug & Streets are not exactly "little" people/customers/friends. You guys are HUGE devoted, charitable, respectable, sincere, and compassionate patrons/friends/family of the Perewitz clan. I think I speak for the whole family. Goes for da pope too...just wish I got to know him better!! Love you guys. SP :-}

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