Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Harley Model

I recently got an e-mail from Kelly at Harley Davidson. HD is going to be sending some Harley news periodicly to share on the blog. Check out the info below!

Marisa Miller, the Victoria’s Secret Angel and Sports Illustrated cover girl, recently teamed up with Harley-Davidson to shoot photos as part of an upcoming ad campaign for the new V-Rod Muscle™. The shots will be released in the coming weeks, and feature Marisa alongside the Muscle.
In the meantime, we have exclusive, behind-the scenes footage of the shoot that just went up on the Harley-Davidson YouTube channel. The video offers a glimpse into the making of the ad campaign, as well as an interview with Marisa discussing the merging of an "authentic American" girl with the "authentic American" brand. You can check it out here:


Anonymous said...


We wonder why their sales are down. Now is not the time for some Poison video. How about respecting your customers and maybe, just maybe, hoping the younger generation fo motorcyclists have taste.

Dangerous Dan said...

Personally, I would rather see Toni
from Perewitz on that bike. At least she dresses better and looks like she belongs on a bike!

The Crack Staff said...

Maybe they could steal a slogan from some cool underground British motorcycle magazine - oh wait, they did that already

screw this, let's hate on Harley until they apologize to DICE!!!