Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thug's Scootah

A couple weeks ago Thug and Streets came up to get the scooter that Thug bought at the Fall Foliage Run. Before putting it in the trailer these experienced bikers decided to take it for a scoot! I guess there is something about scooters that everyone has to take them for a ride!
Below is also a picture of the Vespa we just finished! I will post more later on that!

I think these scooters will get a lot of miles on them!

Jesse taking the Vespa out!!


Doug R said...


I just (literally...a few minutes ago) got to FL with the Baggah, the orange bike and the...scootah??? so they could stay warm during the winter months.

I added two lazer-like Perewitz LEDs to the top case-don't want any FL drivers to miss it-as well as a headlight modulator. I've put almost two miles on it since I got it. Time to rock!

I bought a Kryptonite lock from Jody and put it in the luggage compartment..I'm ready to go.

Ms. Thug is going to ride it this winter and it may make an appearance at Daytuna '09.

It's made in China and I haven't quite figured out how it's wired. Anyway, it's way cool....I think I need a matching flamed helmet.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to see Thug and Jesse on their scootahs take on Kory and Jeff on their 50s. Ten laps around the Perewitz parking lot. Winner take all. Any takers??


J. Perewitz said...

That's a good one Streets!! They should race! I would put my bets on Kory!!

Donna T. said...

Doug - thanks for the Kryptonite purchase. Should keep your prized Perewitz motorcycles safe. Enjoy the warm weather! Ride safe.

Doug R said...


Be careful with your money.

I am thinking of squeezing the scootah.

I got twenty scoots that says I win.