Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thug & Streets Most Excellent Adventure Continues.....

This past weekend Thug and I travelled to Bridgewater to pick up the scooter he bid on at the Fall Foliage Run a few weeks ago. It reminded me that I hadn't completed the most recent chapter of T&SMEA. So here we go....

Friday -- We trailered both bikes to the Bridgewater shop, dropping mine off for some minor service work. We then headed for the Cape so we could unload the trailer and get checked into the Skaket Motel. Now, since we wanted to participate in the group ride from Bridgewater to Brewster, the only way to get back was to put two guys on one bike (Dumb and Dumber anyone??) Off we went with me hoping nobody would notice us. A woman on the back of a bike has it easy, but what does a guy on the back of a bike hang on to? I finally just hung on to my knees. I just hope there were no pictures of us taken that afternoon. Anybody?

Friday night at the Perewitz Cape House was a blast, with more food than anyone could possibly eat. Once again, Susan's chowdah was world class. BTW, Susan, Zizi and Lorraine were in the kitchen engaged in a prolonged giggle fit. Apparently they had a full bottle of wine and no glasses. What to do? What to do? Lorraine finally figured it out.

Saturday -- A gorgeous day for a ride on Cape Cod. From Perewitz to Chapin's to British Beer Company to Be Bop's and back, every leg of the ride was just awesome. A special shout out to Bob Belanger for once again hosting a lavish spread. I was stuffed when I left his place and still had a huge buffet to look forward to that night. A live and silent auction at the Elk's Club in Eastham (that's where Thug got his scoot) raised quite a bit of money for MS research. Once again, Hamster's and friends open their hearts and wallets whenever there's a good cause to contribute to.

Sunday -- The Poker Stroll to Provincetown was cancelled, but Thug and I decided to head up there anyway since, once again, it was a gorgeous day for a ride. Thug had heard about P'town but never been there (Mrs Streets and I have visited for years). So I thought I show him around....Just two guys in black leather and denim strollin' down Commercial Street.......We were pinched for time, so after a quick lunch at the Lobster Pot (like I needed any more to eat), it was back to Brewster to load up the bikes and head for home. Bummer! Again, thanks to the Perewitz family and friends for hosting this event. A fundraiser and bike ride on a gorgeous weekend on Cape Cod. What could be better?

Thug and Streets Most Excellent Adventure continues. See 'ya down the road. Streets

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Donna T. said...

Hi Streets! Great to see you and Thug at the FFR. I've still got the photo of you both and Jody on Saturday night that I need to get to her along w/my take on the weekend. :)

Hope you are both enjoying Fall...on your own bikes. :)