Monday, August 3, 2009

Thug Day 6?

Day 6 August 2

Spent the morning preparing for my interview with the Hamsters, USA Board. I’ve been proposed/sponsored by Dave and part of the process is to meet the Board. A number of other potential members, and I, gathered in the lobby of the Holiday Inn and waited to be called in. Thanks to Dave, I didn’t have anything to say as he said some very nice things about me. I shook hands with the Board, and I was done. That was it! It is a true honor to even be considered for membership. The dinner is tonight, so I’ll probably find out then.

Dave invited me to a ride that started at the Broken Spoke Saloon and went probably 40 miles north to a real ranch (30,000 acres!) for a cookout, horseback riding, some motorcycle field games and things like that. Part of the ride was to be photographed by world-renowned photographer Michael Lichter ( while in motion. I have always wanted to have Michael take a shot of me on my bike, so we’ll see how it goes. My only regret was that I was wearing the wrong sunglasses and the ones I had on were a back-up pair that are really ugly. Michael took a great shot of Streets, Dave O, and me at Daytona in 2008, so I’d like another piece of his work for my “I love me” wall in my garage.

Dave asked me to take Stacy (marketing director for Allstate) along and I was happy to. Stacy hadn’t ridden much, but it worked out great. She got a chance to ride a horse at the ranch, plus it was her birthday, so she told me that she had a great time the entire day.

Part of the activities were to practice roping a "calf" from a "horse" and I got a few shots of Dave and Donny Smith showing off their skills,…lack thereof. It was all in good fund and good for a few laughs. I took a pic of the vast expanse of the ranch, which was amazing. Very quiet out there and you can see forever.

We beatfeet home as a storm was approaching, but we made it with only catching a few drops. Dave rode JoePros’s prostreet and JoePro got a chance to try out the new Indian.

Later that night, we went to dinner and a party sponsored by Dave of Black Hills choppers/American Cycle/American Bagger magazines. We got to see the proofs of Ruben’s Bagger’s photo shoot from Daytona during Bike week. Very cool.

One of the bikes at the party burned out its headlamp and it’s a special European type, so there was no replacement available, so to get it back to the hotel, Dave lead and I followed with our beams on high and everything worked out with Ted's riding "in the rocking chair" ('70s C.B. idiom).

Finally, about midnight, the rains came, but by then, we were home and the riding day was over.

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