Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thug's Last Day of his adventure

Day last August 8
Never again.probably.
As I was heading East, the radar showed that so was the rain. I got up, found out that my boots, having spent the night on the heater, were still wet. However, I now have new rain pants, so how bad could it really be? I figured Id be out of rain by Toledo, tops.
I picked through a continental breakfast being offered by the Days Inn that I stopped at (the price of the room was back to normal), packed up, and headed out. I followed my GPS, that had miraculously survived yesterdays rain. Not quite awake, I guess, I headed West. A few miles of dizzying turns later, I was back on track.
Riding in the rain saps your energy. There is no time to sightsee, as you must focus on the environment you are in. The wind was directly from the South, pushing me all over the place, as the road was almost straight East. Most of the road surface was concrete and water was collecting where tires had worn it down. Between the grooves was oily, so I didnt have too much choice on where to ride.
It was still raining by Toledo, so I adjusted my estimate that the rain would end by Cleveland. Then Erie. The Buffalo. By the time I approached Rochester, Id concluded that it would rain the whole way. But thena very odd thing happened-it stopped raining. After 20+ hours of rain drumming on my helmet, it got quiet..for the last hour and a half home.
Only two cool cars passed me on the way home: A Maserati somewhere in SD, and a new BMW M3 near Rochester.
The bike ran flawlessly for the whole trip. My model year was susceptible to rear drive failures, but no problem. According to the GPS, I rode about 4000 miles total, hitting a top speed once of 97 mph (I don't recall when that happened).
Some concluding thoughts: racking up interstate miles is really boring. I think Ill fly to Sturgis until I have time to take local roads and really see the country. The few times I stopped in little towns to eat, I found myself wanting to spend more time, but I was always in a hurry. My life won't be complete until I tour the Spam Museum in Minnesota, so there is at least one more trip in my future. Also, waterproof must mean different things to different people. I probably should have sprayed my boots with silicone and treated my FrogTogs, but I didnt think to. Finally, two wheels almost always beats 4 wheels, long trip or short trip.
Well, I hope youve enjoyed my reports. See you down the road.

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www.keeganphoto.com said...

Thanks for sharing your adventure and your thoughts in general. Congratulations on your successful, if damp, round trip and also for surviving the continental breakfast.
Hope everything is dried out!