Thursday, December 27, 2007

Charity Bike

Happy Holidays!

Sorry for not writing this week but my computer has been infected with a virus! So it at the hospitol right now getting some surgery done.

The Charity bike that Sara Liberte and I are building at the Northeast Motorcycle Expo is coming along. We have a week left to get it all mocked up and painted! That may sound like a short amount of time but in Perewitz time that is a lot!! We got the motor last night from Boston Harley Davidson. Some of the other great contributors are Paughco, Russ Wernimont, Gardner Wescott, Black Bike Wheels, Spyke & Compufire, Barb's Harley Davidson, Duane Ballard Seats, BDL Belt Drives, JayBrake and a few others.

Below are a few pictures of the bike as it sits now. Some lucky person will win this bobber for $10! Make sure to check back for where you can purchase a ticket.


Donna T. said...

Hope your computer is feeling better soon!
Can't wait to hear where I can buy a ticket!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your computer, How is your mouse? or is it a Hamster :-)

J. Perewitz said...

My mouse is a mouse, sorry no Hamster here.