Monday, December 10, 2007

Different Plog Post

By: Donna Tocci

When Jody asked me to write for the Plog, I was flattered…and then panicked. Seriously, what could I contribute to all of you who know so much more about motorcycles than I ever will. But then I started to think…that might just be why Jody asked me to write here every once in awhile. Because I wouldn’t focus on motorcycles all the time. Ah-ha….

I’d focus more on what I’d observe every time I’m down at the Perewitz shop or out and about with them. At one time it seemed like I was there every week and I observed a lot – 50s races in the parking lot, dog stunts (that Zipp-a-roo can jump and spin better than anything!) and met celebrities. I’m not there all the time anymore because life gets in the way sometimes, but when I am you can be sure that I’ll check in here and tell y’all who can’t get to the shop what I see during my visits. Or, who I meet.

So, who was the first celeb that I met there? I’ll tell you the story…..They were shooting last year’s Biker Build Off episodes and one of their popular Bike Nights was being held during the middle of the shooting week. I showed up early to get the Kryptonite tent unloaded and went to see what was going on around back. There was a group of people and I assumed it was all film crew until the a guy who looked very familiar walked by me, heading into the shop…but…nah…Dave would have told me, right? So, I paid no attention until a couple of minutes later Dave sees me out of the corner of his eye, welcomes me with a big hug and asks nonchalantly, “Did you meet Jeremy?” So, it was him! Of course he meant NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield. I’m a huge NASCAR fan so I didn’t think that my eyesight was failing me, I just didn’t expect to see him in Bridgewater. But, then I learned that Dave was building him a bike…of course, makes sense now!

Here’s a fun photo from that day…Kings of the Hill.

This week I’ll be down at the Perewitz shop twice (yeah!) so I’ll be sure to check in and let you know what’s going on there, especially with my buddies Zipp, Cheech and Little Louie…and of course Dave, Susan, Jody and the rest of the crew.


Anonymous said...

Kings of the Hill do ROAR!

Anonymous said...

It's good to be king!