Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Big Ron's Photo's

The sound of thunder bounced off of the walls as we arrived in Plymouth and I was hoping it was just the sound of Big Ron's bike.

Unfortunately, that was not the case. It was the real thing and we had just started shooting Ron's bike as the rain came in and soaked us.

Thanks to Big Ron's patience and Toni-Ann's positive attitude we got the pictures done between downpours with only a few mad dashes to the truck to take cover.
When it wasn't raining we were waiting for the guys who were stopping and looking to move along. They said they were checking out the bike but I am not sure if they even saw it because they never seemed to take their eyes off of Toni-Ann.

Oh, and then there was the train coming through which was not a really big deal except that the bike was on the track and I would have taken a picture of the look on Toni's face as the train was headed for her but we were too busy moving the bike, and Toni, out of the way.

With all that going on we did get all the pictures done and had a pretty good time doing them and nobody got too wet or run over by the train.

All in all, a pretty good day - awesome bike, beautiful girl and some quality time with Ron.
Just a few more reasons why I love my job.


Mr. Motorcycle said...


The bike or the girl you ask...

The answer is yes.

Dangerous Dan said...

There is a bike in the pictures???
Oh, yeah, there is!
Thats beautiful, too.
Keep up the good work!