Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Women's Day @ Harley 105th

I came across this photo and thought I would share it. How cool are these girls! Sara Liberte and I will be at the House of Harley this Friday in Milwaukee to celebrate Harley's 105th Birthday. Come by and check out our seminars. We will also be at Hal's HD on Saturday and Sunday building a bike with Laura Klock. Make sure to come by if your there. If not check back and I will post stuff.


Anonymous said...

You girls ROCK!!!!

Ace said...

People of Perewitz,
I just did 4200 miles from Portland Maine to Portland Oregon on the back of a prototype American V-Twin and I find it offensive that even in the eyes of women, my contribution, as wrench and navigator, is somehow religaed to 2nd clas citizenry. My man and I are partners. We are equals. The level of endurance required for me was equal to or more than that required of the pilot. He knows that. I know that. When the wiring harness, needed to be rebuilt, I did it. When we stop using one word, be it woman or man, black or white, to describe more than one person, we may be free of the ideas that control how we see ourselves. Until then understand me clearly: people who love bikes rock - it's the bike between their legs and nothing else.

J. Perewitz said...

Ace, That is awesome that you did so many miles regardless of where you sat on the bike. We stress women riding not just in the pilot seat but as co-pilot too, as long as you are enjoying the open road you are all right by our book! Ride On!