Friday, August 8, 2008

Perewitz Paint Show

We had the first Perewitz Custom Paint Show on Wednesday at Thunder Road. Kryptonite and Devilbiss were the major sponsors. The prizes were custom trophies painted by each of the judges, Kryptonite locks, and Tekna spray guns for first place. It was a great turn out for the first time event. We had about 35 bikes enter the show. They were all awesome to look at! I don't have the exact list of winners but below are a few pictures. I will post the winners when I get home. Congrats to all the winners! and painters!
And thank you to our great sponsors!


Mr. Motorcycle said...

I really like both of the bikes you posted pics of. I want to know first of all how the yellow/orange bike has that rear "full" fender mounted, and second how they change the tire/get the fender off, and third, if they actually ride it. I'd think vibration would ruin any body work on such a delicate looking part. I could be very wrong here. I have no idea how they mounted it, and supported it, but just knowing metal fab, bodywork, and paint, it looks kind of fragile. Even if it isn't for riding, great "show" bike though!

Anonymous said...

The bikes on display and the talent to create the artwork was awesome!

BTW, Thug and Streets Most Excellent Adventure, Part II is on the way...