Monday, August 4, 2008

Day of Riding

Yesterday we went for a short ride into Deadwood, SD. After we went to get something to eat and got a little more. While sitting down for dinner the sky got very dark and let down bucket loads for rain. Ok so we can deal with the rain, so what if things get wet we can clean them and dry them. That wasn't the end of it. It soon started to hail. The biggest hail I have ever seen. The pieces were the size of a bottle cap and bigger! So there was a mad scramble to get the bikes under cover. All we could do was watch and wait it out. So we went back inside had a delicious meal and waited till the coast was clear. Kory, Jeff, and I rode back home wet and dirty. It only took us an hour or so to scrub our bikes clean and we have a good story to tell.


Donna T. said...

Oh my goodness! That's HUGE hail! I'm so glad you guys had cover during that storm.

Ride safe.

Anonymous said...

Would you all get together, and post on your blog at what time you could be on Main street, at the location of the 'Web Cam' and wave....