Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Streets’ and Thug’s most excellent Daytona adventure…2009

It’s only a few days away….

Over the last year, our companies have experienced all that you’ve read about…bad news, more bad news, really bad new, major suckage bad news, totally suckage bad news, I-can’t-believe-it’s-happening bad news…you get the picture. One of the thoughts that have carried us through…it’s time to ride!

Streets and I have endured the last year…with our three sons deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan…so…a salute and prayer to them…and a ride with them in mind…

How is it that two wheels and wind takes most of life’s worries away? If I had to explain it, I couldn’t do it….

We’re heading out next Tuesday..with business stops in Richmond and Atlanta..where we’ll pick up new crew member Alan and his new Perewitz Road Glide. We should make Florida by Thursday night…giving us a short respite before Bike Week starts in Friday.

We’ll probably go to the vintage swap meet in Eustis on Friday…if it’s held this year. Last year, Dave picked up a really trick Indian scooter…the type without a motor.

We plan on hanging with the Perewitz and Wild Turkey crews on Main Street. We also plan on a ride around the 2 ½ mile Daytona International track. We’ll get pictures.

There is a good chance that one day, the Perewitz scooter will make an appearance. It tops out at 45 mph with my sorry butt in the saddle, but, at a 100 mpg, who’s complaining? I think my Perewitz flamed helmet adds 2-3 mpg!

The sad part is that Jody will stay back in Bridgewater, holding down the shop. We’ll send plenty of pics and narratives so she won’t feel alone. Also, we’ll miss Dave O, but will lift a drink to him.

Stay tuned….



Anonymous said...

Thug - glad you and Streets are headed on a road trip! Sounds like it's a good way to spend time together and to relax. Good for you! Boys are still in my prayers nightly and I look forward to the day I hear they are all headed back safe and sound. Will look for updates during Bike Week! Safe travels.

Anonymous said...

I'll be in Daytona towards the end of the week, hope to see you guys! Be Safe! ~Sara