Monday, February 16, 2009

Strokers New Site

Hope you had a good weekend!
I was just checking out Rick Fairless's new site. Rick has been a family friend for a wicked long time! Definitely a good dude!
Anyway I could spend hours on Stroker's new site! There is so much content and good content to boot. You have to read Rick's Rant's or Rick Sez. As I read it I could hear him saying it with his thick accent. On the site is an unbelievable amount of pictures! I love to look at the old ones from the 70's, so funny. I wonder if I am going to look that funny 30 years from now... nahhh!
So Check it out!
This is a picture Thug took on his trip to Dallas at Strokers! It appears that Kory has been there before!!!

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Doug R said...

Hey Jody,

Check out your e-mail for a pic I took at Strokers.

Hint: Kory gets around...