Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Living in New England you expect crazy weather but no matter how long you live here you still can't figure it out!

This has been a long snowy winter. And according to Punxsutawney Phil it is going to be even longer! Who invented ground hog day anyway. I mean how can we plan our weather on a little animal that happens to come out of his whole?
It seems we just can't get rid of the snow. Yesterday and Sunday we finally got a break! It was in the 40's Sunday and 50's yesterday!! It was so nice out. We could finally see the ground! If we had one more day like that most of the piles would have melted. Another issue was ice. The back of our building was just a thick sheet of ice! Not good for pushing bikes on. Thankfully we didn't have to push any outside. The warm weather melted it enough to break it up and get it away from the door.

Well today is another story. It is COLD and its like a blizzard out! They are predicting about 8+" for us. We just can't win with the weather. One good thing is that it has been so cold and snowy that people will be antsy to ride once the warm weather hits!

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Anonymous said...

Only 24 days 'til Daytona. Everybody hang in there....