Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ryan Creeden

We recently got news that a former Perewitz employee was in a bad car accident. Ryan Creeden worked for Perewitz around 2003. Ryan was a great kid. He recently moved to Texas to pursue a culinary career. He was driving home from work and struck a utility pole.
I don't want this post to be a sad one so I will tell you good story about Ryan and if you got a chance to meet him while he worked here I am sure you have some too! If you saw the episode from the first BBO, Ryan was the one on the fatboy riding in the snow!

In 2003 we competed against Billy Lane in the Biker Build-off. Back then it was different. The ride was much longer, the company was awesome, and the comerradery was one of a kind. There seemed to be a lot more time and not so rushed. Our ride went from Pensacola FL to Dallas, TX. That trip was one of the best trips I have ever been on.

Ryan and his friend Matt drove one of the many trucks and trailers down to Florida for the start of the ride. Everyday we took turns driving the trucks. On the second day it was Ant BB (Barb) and my turn to drive the truck. So we drove the "sweeper truck" it was our job to help any of the 80+ bikers that was with us if they needed it.

There was a few that needed gas so we stopped and helped and then we came across Ryan, Big Ron and his friend Matt. We immediately pulled over. We were somewhere in Louisiana surrounded by nothing. Ryan refused to put his bike in the trailer so he and Big Ron got to it trying to fix it. In the mean time BB and I were chit chatting away being silly. We decide to get the cooler out and camp out on the grassy side of the highway.

We were doing the up and down arm movement and getting big trucks to honk! Before we knew it we were all on the side of the road flapping our arms at 18 wheelers. Ryan eventually got his bike running but we probably spent about 3 hours on the side of the road to fix a 1/2 hours problem.

Later that night we laughed about how silly we all were. So here's a honk for you Ryan! Everyone here hopes that you recover well so you can enjoy another motorcycle ride!

You can check out the website his family has made to keep everyone updated.

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Mr. Motorcycle said...

I wish Ryan a speedy recovery. Sucks when things hit close to home.