Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thug & Streets Most Excellent Adventures - Daytona 2009

Daytona at last! Thug and Streets welcomed Alan Pope as a participant in our Most Excellent Adventures. Alan, from now on known officially as "Da Pope", owns the bright purple custom that has graced the home page of the Perewitz website for the past week or so.

Friday - We're riding in shirtsleeves after a long cold winter. Finally!! First stop was the Allstate booth at the Speedway to see the Perewitz bobber on display. It must have been a hit, because we saw a lot of cameras pointed at it. We'll let Jody's post show you pictures of this slick little ride. We then headed for Dirty Harry's on Main Street to see what was happening. It was a little chilly for a wet t-shirt contest, but the participants were real troupers. A dry fleece sweatshirt contest would have been more appropriate for the conditions. For the ride home to Thug's place that night, we decided to let Da Pope lead us since he had a GPS on his bike. I guess GPS means Going Places SeldomSeen, because we definitely took the long way home...thru St Augustine I think....but it was a beautiful night for riding, we got a good giggle out of it, and nobody complained.

More to come, including Bloody Mary Monday and The Three Amigos on a scooter. Stay tuned.Streets

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Anonymous said...

So glad you got there safely and are having a good time! Look forward to more updates!