Thursday, March 19, 2009

Daytona 2009

We had a good Daytona this year. We debuted the Allstate Bike at their booth all week, Kory put his bike in Wild Turkey's booth at Dirty Harry's and despite the cold weather (ok so it was about 55 a few days and beats here but not FL weather) we did a lot of riding!

Dave, Kory, Matt, and myself were at Allstate's booth all week at the race track. I had to come home Monday because someone has to be here but the few days I was there were good. And Busy! I was really surprised to see that Daytona was busy early. Despite the economy I think that so many people are just sick of the cold and snow. I know I am!

I also got to meet 2 kids that Kory and Jeff are always talking about, Twinkie and Chad. Chad is a painter from Daytona. Twinkie is like Dirti's twin, he just comes up with the funnest things.

Chad just finished painting the owner of Lollipop's Lincoln. He picked Kory and I up a couple of times in it. What a bad car, especially when it dropped on the frame! Chad is an exceptional painter. Take a look at his work,

Ruben Brown was there for a few days too. Kory hooked up a photo shoot for the cover of American Bagger. Kory, Matt, and I had fun with Ruben and Barrasso. Both of them are "good dudes"! There sure was a lot of laughs between us all.

Check out the photo's below.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like I'll have to post the rest of Thug and Streets Most Excellent Adventure - Daytona 2009!