Friday, September 12, 2008

Campaign 08

I guess I am feeling very American today. I got this e-mail and thought I would share it. I try not to post politcal things on this site because it is about motorcycles so... I will just update this particular post with campaign stuff. Check back every once in a while for new stuff if your interest if not, just continue to read our motorcycle orientated posts.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jody,

It doesn't matter if you're Republican, Democrat, Liberal or Conservative. No matter what, you support the troops that are over there. They give their lives and limbs supporting America, and ask nothing in return....except maybe your respect.

Sorry for clogging your blog. But when it comes to the men and women in uniform, I tend to get a little...over the top.

Please feel free to edit or delete as necassary.


Anonymous said...

And I'll learn to spell check before I spell "necessary".


Anonymous said...

Yes, you are right Streets. God Bless our TROOPS and AMERICA!!!!

J. Perewitz said...

Streets, you never clog the blog! I like getting comments, and stories! We always support our troops no matter where they are here or there. So thanks again!