Thursday, September 11, 2008

Twin T's

Today is September 11, 2008. Seven years ago tragedy struck America. I am not going to write about it because we all know this infamous day. I thought I would share my thoughts and a photo with you.

Where were you on Sept. 11, 2001 at 8 am?

I was at Umass Dartmouth, my freshman year. I was in class when the towers were first struck. I got out of class at about 9:15am and was supposed to meet my friend for breakfast. When she didn't show up I decided to go back to our dorm. I saw her walking to my room in the hall and she said "Did you hear what happened" with a panic stricken face. I will never forget that day. Classes were cancelled for the day but there was NO ONE jumping for joy. Everyone was glued to the TV or on the phone checking on loved ones.

I hope that my generation never has another day like that. It is sad how everyone remembers exactly what they were doing when tragedy strikes. I know my parents generation has Sept. 11 and the assasination of JFK. My mom can tell you exactly where she was at that time. I hope that this country has many more happy days that just fall into our memories and no more sad ones.

We will never forget, United we stand!


Anonymous said...

My wife's nephew (my nephew-in-law), Jim Patrick, was in the 105th floor of the North Tower when the first plane struck. He was working for Cantor Fitzgerald working as a bond trader,making a living for his pregnant wife Terilyn and their son-to-be Jack. He never got to meet his son, and Jack never go to meet his Dad.

Seven years later, my brother Thug's son Eric, is in Afghanistan. My son, Mark, will be going there in November. Thug's youngest son, Mickey will be going to Iraq soon. They're there as part of a task force that will get that sonofabitch who caused all this heartache.

RIP, Jim. And thanks Mark, Eric and Mick for manning up and doing what you do.


Anonymous said...

Edit for paragraph one. Never "got" to meet his dad.


Mike K. said...

Nice job with your post. You would be surprised how many people let this day fade.
Thug & Streets, thanks to both of you for your son's service and courage. They are a credit to their families and an example to the rest of us.
They are greatly appreciated by all.

J. Perewitz said...

Wow Streets, I have the chills thinking of your nephew and Mark, Mickey, and Eric. I am proud that they are out there protecting our country. We can not thank them enough for the courage the have to go to a backward foreign country to make sure that the American flag can fly without heartache.

Donna T. said...

Thug & Streets - words can not express my gratitude towards your sons for working to protect us all. Eric, his brother Mickey and cousin Mark are amazing young men. May they stay safe and live long, happy lives.

Anonymous said...

I too will never forget where i was at that moment. Jody my mom has always told me about the day JFK died and how she will always remember exactly where she was. Streets, so much respect to Eric, Mark and Mickey, God bless them and keep them safe and so much gratitude to them, our military men and women are amazing! May Jim keep watch over them all and his family, especially his son Jack. Jack has a special guardian angel looking out for him. God Bless. ~Sara