Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Moonlight Unveiling

By: Mike Keegan
September 18th, Marshfield, Mass.
When well known artist David Brega called me in need of some motorcycles to be a part of an outdoor art unveiling in Marshfield, I knew there was only one place to go.
I emailed Jody and she got in touch with Brian Gould to see if he and his custom could put in an appearance. He said he could get a few bikes together along with two of his own and they would be there for the unveiling.
The big night arrived and after working all afternoon at a shoot with Toni-Ann, she and I drove over to Marshfield for the second half of our double header.
Dave had been kind enough to donate a
Perewitz mechanic shirt so that Toni would look her best as she represented the bikes to the crowd. Judging by all the attention she, and the bikes, received from just about every guy there, the Perewitz name was everywhere.

After a musical introduction the bikes rolled in and each of the five bikes parked in front of one of the five 14 X 16 foot murals. Brian parked in front of David's painting of a worn leather bike jacket owned by Joey Kramer of Aerosmith in front of an American flag. It was a perfect matching of two amazing pieces of art and the crowd admired both pieces equally..
It was a great night made even better by the efforts of Brian and his crew, riding down to Marshfield after a long days work to help out with this event.
Many thanks to them as well as Toni and Jody for helping to make this night such a success. Their efforts were greatly appreciated.

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