Thursday, September 18, 2008

Misc. Info

We had our last 2008 Bike Night last night and it was great! I want to thank everyone who came last night and all summer. It was huge turnout. September can be iffy because the weather is turning cooler, it is dark by 7, kids are back to school, etc. Obviously non of those things effected Bike Night. We had definitely the best September crowd we have ever had. So Thanks again to everyone that supported us every third Wednesday. I will post some pictures next week, maybe Mike Keegan will send me some??!

In other news we are giving a facelift to an 08 FLH for a friend of Thugs, Alan. The bike is already torn apart but Dirti and I cringed because it had the anniversary paint on it, which is wicked cool, and we quicky preped it for it's new color, purple!

And lastly we have 3 puppies here from Puerto Rico. They are rescue dogs that we are "auctioning" off this weekend at our charity event. All the money will go back to the island to help save more "Sato's". Aren't they adorable!

Oh and today is Kory's birthday!!!

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Anonymous said...

Go Kory, It's your B-day, Your gonna Party like it's your "BirFday"!! HAve Lots of Fun, Sara & Ron... ps Cheech and Louie could use a big Brother!