Monday, February 11, 2008

Got Pictures?

The Perewitz crew had a busy weekend! We had the Northeast Motorcycle Expo in Boston. Our home town! We brought in about 15 bikes into the show. So Friday and Sunday were hectic days of loading the trailer with bikes and apparel.
The show was wicked busy Saturday and Sunday. We sold a ton of books and apparel. According to Kev-Marv Productions the show had the second largest attendance in 7 years! That is huge, seeings how the motorcycle industry and economy in general is down.
Sara and I did the charity build again. On Sunday we brought the bobber to life with a little puff of the exhaust and a roar of the 80" Evo. I definitely give a big thanks to Kevin and Lou-ann for putting on a great show!
We had a lot of great people come by the show to check us out and also hang out at the booth. Doug and Pete Robinson, now known as Thug and Streets respectively, came by to hang out for the weekend and to check out Doug's new "Baggah". He was impressed and so were we, Brian Klock has nothing on our new Baggah!
I am waiting for some pictures from the show from our pal Mike Keegan.
I am writing this from Loon Mountain in NH so I don't have any pictures with me. Kory, Jared and I came up to NH after the show Sunday night to go snowboarding for a few days. I have to say the conditions today were perfect! Bring on the snow!
As soon as I get some pics I will post them!


Mike said...

Good morning. Hey, I sent photos to your shop email address on Sunday night. Can you access them from Loon? If not, let me know...
Th shot of "Thug" & "Streets" with their "Boyz" is a classic.

Donna T. said...

Jody - just posted some photos over on our blog, too. Check 'em out.
Glad to hear that you are having a great time on the mountain.
See you soon.

Deed said...

Hey Jod,
I'm glad you guys are having a great time at Loon!
I've got alot of great pics & many Videos.
Can't wait to show ya !
I had a blast!
I hope I was somewhat a help.
See ya soon !

Anonymous said...


Great show. Great bikes. Great hospitality. Great Build-for-the-Cure. And above all, great people at the Perewitz-Garage Girls-Liberte extended booth. You guys rock!


J. Perewitz said...

Thanks for everyones help!! Donna I will check out your blog, De you absolutely were a help!! Mike I can't wait to see the pics! and Streets, you and Doug are the best customers and friends!!!!