Monday, February 25, 2008

My Body Guard Zipp!

By: Donna Tocci

So, Jody’s totally called out her “writers” as slackers – and she has every reason to. We all said we’d pitch in and then…well, one thing leads to another – right gang? At least that’s what happened on this end. That and I haven’t been down at the shop lately.

But, I was there a couple of weeks ago to drop off shirts for the powersports show in Indy. It was a very rare evening when neither Jody nor Dave were kicking around the shop. I got to hang out with Susan a little bit…and the doggies, of course. Susan and I were having a nice chat in her office (which has an echo in it, but we’ll get to that another time) and the dogs were all around. Sebago was in the middle of the floor munching on what looked like a pig’s ear, Zipp was running back and forth from Susan to me.

Louie and Cheech decided that they’d had enough of each other and started to go at it. They often do and most people would think they are about to kill each other, but you get used to it and know that this behavior is just them playing rough with each other. I wasn’t paying any attention to it until I felt something at the bottom of my leg. I looked down and Zipp had his two front paws around my leg. I thought he was going to do something that boy dogs do…but no, he grabbed me, turned his head and growled at Cheech and Louie. Apparently he thought they were getting a little close with their fighting and he didn’t like it. How cute is that?! I guess all those treats that I bring have made an impact on Zipp-a-roo! Ok, I don’t bring as many as Joe Pro does – I’m not even in the same league as Joe with Zipp, but I think he kind of likes me. Again, how cute is that?? I was flattered. I know, I’m a dork, but I was…Zipp’s my special little buddy now.

Does that have anything to do with motorcycles? Not a thing. But it does have to do with things that happen at the shop…”Life at Perewitz” isn’t just about motorcycles – it’s family, friends and dogs, of course!

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Anonymous said...

Your far from a Dork, just an animal lover.
Nothing wronge with that !
See ya soon !