Friday, February 29, 2008

Daytona Day 1

The Perewitz crew is in Daytona!
Today was day one. Sara and I were at the speedway all day doing the XXChromes build with Jesse Combs. It was a nice day out, not to hot but definitely much better than snowy Bridgewater. We got some of the bike done for our build. It is a fearce competition! The girls against the boys from Chopper College. The winning bike is decided by your text vote. So text Chop2 to 90430! That will be a vote for the girls!
Tonight was a cool ride home on the bikes. I got to ride on the back with Kory on Thug's Roadglide. It was wicked nice. That bike rides so nice. I think I might buy one! Also in the pack was my dad on his 50 Pan, Barrasso, Dave O., and Thug. Unfortunately Streets bike broke down today but hopefully it will come alive tomorrow thanks to Kory.
Tomorrow we will be back at the speedway and Dave, Kory, and Jeff will be at Dirty Harry's. So come by and check us out if your here or at least text CHOP2 to 90430!
Talk to ya tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Many thanks to the entire Perewitz crew for bailing out a biker in need. Y'all are awesome!

Thug and Streets Most Excellent Adventure continues....