Tuesday, February 5, 2008

V-Twin Dealers Show

Kory, Jeff, Jesse, and I left on Thursday to head to the V-Twin Dealers show in Cincinnati Ohio. We hit a huge ice storm almost through the whole state of PA. I tried taking pictures but it was too dark out! The ice on the front of the truck was at least a couple inches thick! It was unbelievable. But we made it there and back safe.

The show was good. There was a bunch of cool new stuff. One of the things that sticks out in my mind is a new bike that Cory Ness built. It is for S&S 50th Party. It was just really cool and different! It had a crazy set of one-of-a-kind wheels. I unfortunatley didn't have my camera to take a picture and I can't find one on the web so you will be held in suspense till it is unveiled.

Sara and I pushed our new website Garage-Girls.com to various vendors. It went over big, everyone loves the idea and wants to get involved.

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Donna T. said...

Arlen looks like a happy guy there with you two..as well he should. :)