Sunday, February 17, 2008

Powersports Dealers Show

I am writing this from inside the dealers show. We arrived early this morning to make sure we took in EVERYTHING here.

Jeff is like a little kid in a candy store. There is some wicked cool stuff here at the show, mostly the pitbike stuff and I guess a few motorcycle things. If someone has anything that could possibly be used for 50's Jeff has to stop and politic for about 20-30 minutes so it is taking us a while to get down an isle. At the rate we are going I think we should be through the whole convention center by... oh say... next month!!

I finally got to meet Nicole Hoffman who is my fellow Team Kryptonite member. She is wicked cool and interesting to me because we share the love of motorcycles but from a totally different aspect! I am hoping to meet with her in Daytona and go in the pits! Maybe even catch one of her races.

Yesterday I took a picture of Cory Ness's bike that I blogged about a couple weeks ago. It was at the V-Twin Dealers show but I didn't get a picture of it so here it is! How cool are those wheels!


Anonymous said...

I'm tired of looking at bikes!! I've been looking at bikes for four months now and I'm going nuts! I wanna get down to Daytona and ride until my butt has blisters!! Can anybody make Bike Week get here any sooner?? Please?


Doug R said...

Hey, Monkey Butt...

Just around the corner.

What are you riding...a "ning, ning, ning" or "potato, potato, potato"?


Doug R said...

BTW...nice ride by Cory...

Did anyone notice any brakes?