Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Shop Bikes

Today the guys are loading the trailer for Daytona. There is 10 bikes leaving from here to head for the warm weather. I will be at the Allstate Insurance booth Friday- Sunday and Dave will be at Dirty Harry's in the Wild Turkey booth from 2-10pm Fri-the following Saturday! So make sure to come by!

We have aquired a couple new (well to the showroom) bikes. Below is some of newest creations and old ones to bless Perewitz! My personal favorite is Thug's "Baggah". Maybe I can go for a ride in Daytona!

This bike was is an older Perewitz FXR

Does this tank look familar? How about all you myspacers?

a 1973 X-90 my dad bought at a show recently.
Ron Iannotti's West Coast Chopper
Nice floorboards
Thug's! Kory took it out yesterday for a test ride

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