Monday, March 3, 2008

Daytona stories

Yesterday was a busy day for everyone in our "circle". I finished the build with the other girls, which was a great success, my dad sold the panhead, and my favorite Thug and Streets got their own custom shirts! I had some special shirts made for them that I knew they would love! And they did! Thug and Streets are becoming blog favorites.
Streets said that he would write about him and Thug's adventures in Florida for the blog. So I am going to hold him to it!
Tomorrow we are off to the Builder's Breakfast in the morning, so maybe we will see you there!

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Donna T. said...

Wow - the gang really is all there. I didn't know your Mum was going, too. Fun!
So...who "won" the bike build??
Good to see Streets and Thug having such a good time, too. Love their shirts. Maybe it's the start of a whole new merchandising line...hmmm....
Have a great time and safe travels home.