Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Thug & Streets Most Excellent Adventures - Daytona

By: Streets Robinson

Like all good things, Thug and Streets Most Excellent Adventure has come to an end. We had a blast!. I can't possibly relate all the good things that happened during Bike Week 'cause I'd clog the blog. But I have a few things I noticed in Daytona and a few random observations I'd like to share. In no special order they are:

1) Everyody knows Dave
2) Dave knows everybody
3) Most of the women who "flash" while riding down Main Street would do the world a favor by keeping their shirts on
4) To the 1% of the women who actually look pretty good while flashing....Thank You
5) If you don't believe that God created women, stand next to the Wild Turkey Girls for about 5 minutes. "HE" was in a good mood that day
6) Kory Souza is the happiest when he has his arm around Jody, Cheech, or a wrench
7) Fact! Lollipops makes 99% of their annual profit during Bike Week. Most of that 99% comes from Massachusetts. You can look it up
8) When it comes to motorcycle repairs, the Perewitz crew does the extremely difficult immediately. The impossible takes about 4 hours
9) Nobody beats Jeff Salim at the electronic punching bag machine. Guy's got a mean overhand right
10) The Garage Girls are doing some seriously important work. Support them

That's about it. Thanks to the Perewitz Posse for showing us a great time, introducing us to some awesome people, and leaving us with many stories to tell. See 'ya down the road.



Mike said...

Man, those are two mean lookin'
Mothers! Only $7,500.00 reward?
That must be for each, right?
Street's list was right on the mark, especially about the flashers.
Glad everybody had fun and got home safe.

Donna T. said...

Loved the list, Streets! I completely agree with #1 & 2. I think that by next year, you'll have to add 1a and 2a...Everyone knows Jody and Jody knows everyone. She's a rising stah! (that's the Massachusetts way of saying it).
Keep the lists comin'. Looking forward to seeing you and Thug in the spring.