Friday, March 14, 2008

A Satisfied Customer!

By: Don Simon
A little story about my quick visit to Daytona.

I trailered my bike to Daytona for one day last Thursday (I freely admit I'm to old to ride 3 1/2 hours each way in one day), to ride around, and visit with Dave and Doug, aka "Thug". I parked in a lot that had many other bikes and trailers. No sooner did I unload the bike when it was surrounded by 3 guys, admiring it, asking questions, and taking pictures. They loved the bike and could not believe it started as a Road King, which is interesting considering two of the bikes they were riding were new Road Kings. Anyhow, I spent the next couple of hours riding around, and without fail, at every stop light or traffic jam, I received comments from other bikers about the looks and sound of my bike.

Around 1 pm, I pulled into the parking lot behind Dirty Harry's on Main Street, where I was meeting Dave and Thug. Again, the bike was surrounded by a couple of guys and girls inspecting the bike (the pipes were a big hit). The reason I am writing this is, although it is common when I ride in South Florida for people to check out and comment on the bike, to be in Daytona surrounded by every conceivable bike, and to stand out amongst them, just proves once again how special a Perewitz Custom truly is.

I've known for several years now how awesome a Perewitz Cycle Fab bike looks and rides, but to have that many people, most of them bikers themselves, say how much they like the bike is a real tribute to you guys.


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Thomas Hill said...

Don's right. Whatever compliment he gets from his bike is actually a compliment to you. That's why it's a big deal to get as much good feedback as possible. Not only does that reflect customer satisfaction, but that also serves as a promotion. Feedback like that is tangible proof that a company really delivers good service, and that's what people, especially potential customers, should believe.