Monday, March 24, 2008

No Ironhorse, 4-legged Only!

Yesterday Kory and I went to Jeff's parents house for a visit. They have several race horses and also they breed horses. I rode horses for about 10 years and all during college so this was a real treat.
Two of the Salim mares are pregnant and due! One, Make the Double, is ready to have her foal. Her due date was about a week ago so she should go any day! She looked so big and uncomfortable.
Jeff's mom confirmed that she was as uncomfortable as she looked. Make the Double has gained about 250+ pounds in her pregnancy. The new born will be about 150 pounds and about 100 pounds of after birth. That's a lot of weight! The second horse, is due in a couple of weeks but could also go any day. I can't wait to see the new foals!
While we were over there I took some pictures of their winning horses and their studdly Stallion! Jeff even got Kory, who is petrified of horses, to give them a carrot.

When the ladies have their babies I will post some pictures.
Make the Double ready to have her foal. The baby will have "double" in his name as well.

Ruger, Jeff's dog! The harness is just to make him look tough!

Jane Doe?

Mr. Salim bringing the horses in for the night.
Kory giving a treat to the Salim pride and joy! Sorry Jeff, you are no longer the pride and joy!

This is the other pregnant mare.

Salim Stallion, Foolish McDuff


Donna T. said...

250 pounds?! Holy moly!!
Gorgeous looking animals all around.

Way to be brave Kory!

Anonymous said...

wow, too cool! How awesome would it be to see the birth, probally gross but cool at the same time. ~Sara

Anonymous said...

Jeff Salim...Horse Whisperer

Whoulda thunk it?