Friday, March 21, 2008

Weekend with Leroy!

By: Leroy Thompson

YO! Leroy here yall,
This past weekend we had a visit in C Town from the Perewitz crew (Dave, Shiz and Jeff). The guys were all camped up at the gigantic
IX Center for the Cleveland Autorama. The IX center is gigantic ex tank factory from WW II and has since been converted and used for events , this thing is freeking huge for sure. Tara and I picked up Shiz and Jeff Thursday and took em to The Great Lakes Brewery for sausage,pierogis and a fine assed Cleveland brewed beer. We caught up and solved the worlds problems all while dining on potato cheese stuffed goodness. We popped by my buddies place The Garage on a particularly slow night for a less than par cover band, but the company and beers were all to great to let a crappy garage band ruin the night. I had to pass on a Friday visit downtown finishing my Grand Jury tour just whipped my ass, thats correct Grand Jury.
Tara my buddy Kong and I rolled down to the show and checked out plenty of bad assed horse power stuffed hot rods, biked and even a few donks. The show was a winner and the Boston crew went well accepted in C town , I had to translate for all the midwesterners they couldn't figure out what Dave was calling a "wicked paint jab on that ca" but I am fluid in Bastonian and I got em up to speed.
All went well and fun was had, want to send a big YO to O.G. and Bebes for taking care of us.
Next stop on the tour is the
Donnie Smith Show,
look out Minnie here we come

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