Tuesday, May 13, 2008

66 Could be yours!

We just finished the 66 Shovelhead, we were building, last night. Dirti no sooner finished it and my dad was on it going for a ride. Big Ron and him took it for a ride in the parking lot and then my father took it on the street. He wasn't gone to long because it was a bit chilly out yesterday. He said it ran "pissa". It looked wicked cool too! So did my dad and his pink helmet! He couldn't find his helmet so he grabbed the first one he saw which happen to be pink!

Sorry I couldn't get my camera out quick enough!

The 66 is on it's way to Myrtle Beach as I write, so if you are fortunate enough to go make sure to go by Broadway at the Beach and check it out! It is also for sale so place your bids!

I have to say this bike came out really cool. It has a cool taillight and on the rear fender is some dice that give it just enough, it has ceramic coated pipes that Big Ron made, a modified Springer front end, and a ton more trick stuff.
Be sure to check it out!


Donna T. said...

Looks good, Jody. When I talked to your dad yesterday he said it was being finished "as we speak". Now, in Perewitz time that could have meant it would be done at midnight...but it looks light in these pics so congrats! But, c'mon...your camera must always be at the ready when a pink helmet is used. THAT would have been a sight! :)

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Yeah, Where's the pink helmet!?!

Sweet bike. I love it.

Way to go Perewitz crew.

Anonymous said...

there is a hot fuckin chic riding on this in Myrtle Beach, right now!

Anonymous said...

Really! What's her name?