Monday, May 19, 2008

What's going on?

We have a lot going on for a Monday. Kory is working overtime getting the Hayabusa done for Black Bike Week in Myrtle Beach this week. Ya that's right this week! Kory has 2 days to finish the Busa. Then him and my dad are driving back down to South Carolina. They are leaving Wednesday to debut the bike. It will be on the cover of 2-Wheel Tuner Magazine. I will get you some more sneak peaks when it's done.

Joe Pro is here cleaning bikes therefore I have not seen the dogs all day long. Louie has obtained a permanent post next to Joe in his red bed! They just love Joe! It's so funny they get so excited just to hear his name.

Tomorrow the infamous Street's and Thug will be here to pick up Thug's Baggah and Bobbah!

Dirti is working on the 60 Panhead he is building. Maybe he will have it done for this Myrtle Beach? I will get pictures as soon as it's done.

Big Ron is working on a sidecar bike. The bike is for Rubin Brown. He wanted something his could take his kids in. This bike is going to be a cool ride with an ultimate system and a TV installed by Detailz. Wait till you see it!

Tomorrow I will bring you lots of pictures!

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