Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bike Sheds

By: Susan Perewitz

Perhaps you have noticied riding by our building the new addition to the parking lot. Yes, a shed custom made by Ponderosa Pines Wood Products of Kingston, Massachusetts. Dave approved these sheds and is impressed with the quality of the work. Joel from PPWP will be bringing over one of his custom made ride thru bike sheds soon. PPWP can build sheds for all your needs. Come by the store for a catalog and you can place your order thru us too. Stop by and check out the "new" sheds.
Drive in and out of this shed with double side doors.


Donna T. said...

Oh my goodness! A new blog star emerges! Welcome to the blogosphere, Susan!!!!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Way cool.

Paulo McManus said...

Lovely bike sheds!