Wednesday, May 7, 2008

AMA Supercross

Ok so as I wrote in the previous post "Trip to Vegas" we were supposed to have tickets waiting for us but there were none there!

Not having tickets to the Motorcross was huge disappointment. We figured we came all the way out to Vegas so we might as well try to get in to the sold out show.

We ended up over paying for tickets from an "unauthorized" seller in the nose bleed section but it was a blast. The entertainment that those riders put on is one of a kind. There was tons of pyrotechnics, stunts, jumps, and the fighter jets that fly overhead after the National Anthem is one of my favorite parts of a big event. It is so patriotic!

The first race of the event was a mini bike race. They looked really small on that big track but they still flew through the jumps! There there was a ton of other races including the Kid's KTM challenge, where about 15, 8-12 year old race on KTM mini bikes. Some of them were wicked fast! It was the future of Motorcross.

The Australian born, Chad Reed won the Supercross Championship. When he came into the arena the crowd went nuts. He definitely has a lot of fans out there including 3 from MA! He puts on an unbelievable performance. He is very competitive and and excellent rider. He was nursing a broken shoulder from a previous race but still managed to beat Kevin Windham who was also a contender for the championship but there was no catching Reed by the 16th lap!

Motorcross is so big in the Vegas/CA area. We were in heaven just being among great riders, fans, and bikes. There are very few races in New England and the ones that are here are just boring. So you can just imagine how cool it was for us to attend an event like this. This was definitely a wicked good trip.

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